Dr.K (Hirofumi Tokutake)
b.25 May 1951, Tokutake is renowned for his distinguished guitar playing and is often called "Dr.K of Japan" by his playing style.
Tokutake began to play guitar by the big influence of The Ventures at age 14. His favorite guitarists were Les Paul,Chet Atkins, Duane Eddy, Nokie Edwards. When he started his career in the music industry, James Burton and Jerry Reed who were his icon guiatrists, played Fender Telecaster, so it made him pick Telecaster!
He formed the band named The Last Show and made two albums which pursued sound similar to his favorite band AREA CODE 615. Since then, Tokutake toured and recorded with Kotaro Yamamoto, Kosetsu Minami, Bread & Butter, and numerous other artists. He was much in demand as a session guitarist. Meanwhile, he released four solo albums and five guitar technique manual videos and also produced the music of TV drama and CM.
In 1997 he formed Dr.K Project, highly influential country rock and rockabilly unit, and released three live albums which featured his thumb / finger picking techniques. Over the years, Tokutake had established a unique style of his own and it continues to win respect and admiration from many guitarists.

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